About Us

Welcome To The Mossy Mob!
We're so glad you're mobbing with us!
Let's take a walk real quick, shall we? And before we get started, why yes. Yes, we are black-woman owned ;-)
We started Mossy Mob in 2020 as an offering of support when the pandemic first hit. Our founder, Miracle Allums, is a holistic health enthusiast (seriously, she’s a licensed psychotherapist, registered yoga teacher, reiki practitioner, doula, you name it!) and turned to her knowledge of sea moss to help keep her family and loved ones safe. Her Mama Bear was deemed as an essential worker and working hard to support the community. It was so important to Miracle that while Mama Bear was in the community, she could stay healthy and strong enough to take care of those in need.
But let's be clear boo, this ain’t your ordinary sea moss.
Have you ever taken a supplement or a vitamin that you knew was good for you, but it was just nasty? I’m talking about cod liver oil, castor oil, chalky flintstone vitamins, and some mo’ stuff?
What about taking so many vitamins and supplements that you just decide to take absolutely none of them?
Yep. Us, too. But forget about all that now! Sea moss is the answer!
We offer products that are great for you and taste good to you. You shouldn't have to choose!
Let's mob together towards optimal health and wellness. Trust us, The Mossy Mob's sea moss is the only superfood you'll ever need.
I'm with the M-O-B, yeah you know me!  LOL we couldn't help ourselves!